Offline Cooking Games on Android

Try playing the following recommendations for offline cooking games on Android without worrying about running out of quota and can be played at any time.

There are many types of games available on your favorite Android Play Store, one of which is a cooking game. Not only online games are fun to play, offline games are no less exciting to play. What’s more, the advantage is that you can save on internet data usage and you can play whenever you want. If you like cooking games and want to be able to play them anytime without having to worry about the signal while playing, you can try the following recommendations for offline cooking games on Android that Dunia Games have collected especially for you.

1. World Chef

For this one cooking game, besides you can cook various types of delicious dishes that you provide for customers, you also have a mission to manage a restaurant. You can also decorate the restaurant you like and buy new cooking ingredients to unlock new recipes.

2. Cooking Madness

This game developed by ZenLife Games will allow you to become the best cook serving delicious dishes around the world. As you complete each mission, you can move from restaurant to restaurant on the map. This game will help you complete each mission in the right time and on target.

3. Cooking Max

This one game has more than 200 levels that can open many locations and various cities around the world. Apart from fast food, such as burgers and sandwiches, you can also serve muffins, cakes, juices and other desserts. Play the game while racing in time to complete each level.

4. Selera Nusantara

As the name suggests, this game serves Indonesian specialties. Starting from catfish pecel, fried rice, chicken satay, boiled and fried noodles to takjil. Serve the best dishes to be able to get as many customers as possible in the given time.

5. Cooking Games in the Kitchen

In this game you have to be able to choose recipes and make dishes according to existing recipes. Here, you will act as a Junior Chef who must be able to master a home kitchen and prepare to become a restaurant owner or sell at a Food Truck. The advantage of this one game is that it can be played for all ages.

6. Cooking Adventure

You will adventure in the culinary world in this game. You will cook various foods from around the world and serve it to all the customers who come to your restaurant. There are all kinds of different cooking challenges and locations, but don’t worry because you can improve your cooking skills and equipment as you complete each level.

7. Good Pizza, Great Pizza

If you like to cook pizza, then this game is for you to play. As the name implies, you have to serve pizza orders from customers with various combinations of toppings chosen by customers. You can also improve your restaurant with a variety of toppings and new equipment so you can compete with your competitors.