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After Sunday’s post, I managed to talk to the team at Echelon and reported my findings, including firing over some photos. After that evening, I posted my Sitrep, went to bed and then went up north for a day of wargaming (post on that fun coming soon).

When I got back, I had some news from Echelon – after checking with other people who have received their Phaseline boxes, it seems I had received a bad batch. To fix it, they are sending out replacement models for the set – the Aayari side will be back in spun resin, while the Cold Harbor guys are a confirmed good set of the Siocast batch. Having been checked by the team before being sent out, they should all be in good condition and ready for me to work on once they arrive. This turnaround is insanely fast if you think about it, so excellent work from the team for handling this issue promptly.

On the positive side, I seem to be the only person having issues this bad. The BPRE group and discord are not full of people raving about terrible quality miniatures arriving, with the only visible issues being a miscast of the Patreon Exclusive advisor figure (which I also encountered because I am cursed) and some of the Mutashib Sappers having miscast heads (for which replacements had already been sent out). It does sound like Siocast is not going to be the material that Echelon is going to use moving forward due to a variety of issues during this production cycle – ironic as Siocast was supposed to provide a fix to many common issues such as air bubbles (which I didn’t encounter), mould slip (which I definitely encountered) and other problems with resin.

More updates as I receive them.

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