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There’s always various roads you can take when going into franchise mode, but rebuilds are usually the most popular way to play them — assuming you’re not using your favorite team. With Madden 23 franchise mode, we already put forth some teams in various stages of team building, but I really wanted to focus in on five teams that would be fun to rebuild in Madden 23 franchise mode.

The Washington Commanders are the highest-rated team on this list — a true middle-of-the-pack option — but there is still plenty of rebuilding that needs to be done. This starts at QB as the Commanders are certainly in the back third of the league for “potential” in this area. Carson Wentz is serviceable, but you’re going to want to either build up Sam Howell or draft a rookie because the offense has plenty of weapons for the right player under center.

Dog Days Of Summer BossesAfter the truncated Field of Dreams Program, we get a 13-day program featuring three new bosses and one key mini-boss. The three new bosses are Finest Cal Ripken Jr., Milestone Johnny Bench, and Awards Pedro Martinez. The mini-boss of note is 2nd Half Heroes Mickey Mantle. In addition, there are plenty of solid packs and some new flashbacks and legends to snag as well.

I really like Cal Ripken Jr. this year based on his earlier diamond card. I think his swing plane and general stance can throw some people off, and some years he seems worse than others, but I think he’s quite good this year. He can only play shortstop, but he’s basically the perfect fielding shortstop. The one drawback is he does not have top-end speed, so his range might be slightly diminished.