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General d’Armee in 28mm (Or Charge Plays Napoleonics and Likes It)

I’ve never really been excited about playing big-battle Napoleonics.

To be clear, I have no problem with the period. I enjoy Sharpe as much as any full-blooded Yorkshireman is required to, and I can be suitably wowed by a large-scale display of massed ranks on the field of battle (I’m not an unfeeling monster after all). The problem I have is three-fold. One, I don’t want to paint that many troops. Two, my knowledge of the period tactics and strategies isn’t anywhere close to things post the invention of bolt action rifles leaving me with the instinctive knowledge of what I should be doing at any one time. Finally, and most controversially, most of the black powder era games I’ve played have been boring as sin – all those pretty units sitting and doing not much aside from rolling dice to remove a figure or two, moving blocks of troops

Puzzle Games

SITREP: Painting 3D Printed Scenery

One positive of tidying up in preparation to move house is going through my workshop/printing room and finding things I’ve 3D printed but haven’t yet had a chance to actually paint and get on the tabletop. Having owned a 3D printer for almost two years (that’s also concerning), I have had one or two things fall into this category. Looking for some easy wins, I dived in on these two projects I had discovered and quickly hammered them out.

First up, we had these three Wood Elf monoliths from Last Sword Miniatures. These pieces were one of the things that really grabbed me about the Kickstarter they ran (alongside the lovely models that Last Sword are experts at hammering out). These pieces are something that would be really handy for any fantasy game either as background dressing for encounters or maybe even objectives by themselves (perhaps protecting their magical energy

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Jordan Bans Online Game PUBG Over ‘Unfavourable Results’

PUBG OnlineMore and more people are addicted to enjoying online video games. You aren’t a cat, you would not have 9 lives or so the myth goes. As soon as you are dropped onto the map you will have one life so play sensible. Preserve your senses in thoughts. Sight and sound might be the distinction between a superb sport and a disastrous one. Driving around beeping the horn of the automobile is simply asking for trouble. Attempt to assume like a player would. Typically considering just like the enemy can lead you to foretell their motion and attack patterns.

Call of Duty: Trendy Warfare three (PC, XBox360, PS3) has finally been moved to the #4 spot, however by a small margin. Not only has it blown most different games away on in recreation and online play graphics and mechanics, however it enhanced itself even additional by offering a new map …

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Scrabble Word Finder

Word GamesYou don’t have to underline the letters that you’ve used from the phrase earlier than yours. I’ve only achieved so for demonstrative functions.

I’m not speaking about phrase games that you just play on the pc or board word video games; I’m speaking about phrase video games that do not cost anything except a writing utensil, a piece of paper, or just a verbal game. Some are verbal, greatest played at dwelling or in the confines of your car, so as not to disturb others. The escalating excitement and exclamations of verbal video games can simply and inadvertently rise in volume. This recreation is simple to make use of, and may be highly addictive. The sport size is simply from 1-three minutes, so it doesn’t really feel like you’re wasting time, however it will probably go by quickly! Each puzzle accommodates of 4 pictures that seems one by one, are …