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A Smorgasbord of Gaming | ChargeBlog

It is slowly becoming a habit that, at the start of the new year, the Regular Opponents and I gather in the Frozen North (Darlington) to bring in the day after New Year’s with a celebration of Wargaming.

In the past, the Creative Regular Opponent has usually run a single massive game of Chain of Command and we’ve played from lunch to dinner, only stopping once our hunger has overwhelmed our love of dice rolling. This year, however, we decided to try something a little different – a taster session, where each of us brought or chose a game to play and then we got to see a whole selection of possibilities. And I have to admit, as much as I like our massive games, playing new and exciting things (or introducing my friends to them) was a really fun day.

However, the day started with a sharing of presents.

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SITREP: (Not Much) Fun with SiOCAST

It’s the new year and I trust Twitter to work correctly as much as I trust myself in a Greggs not to buy a steak bake so I’m going back to using my blog for all the little posts and updates. Enjoy!

After my New Year’s celebration in Middlesbrough, the traditional New Year Shawarma and a drive back to Leeds, my original plan had been to assemble and at least undercoat the figures from the Phaseline BPRE box in preparation for their first game tomorrow during our traditional New Year’s gaming session up North at the home of the Creative Regular Opponent (previously seen in Operation Carronade and the General d’Armee-ing). We’re doing a smorgasbord of games (with other titles such as 0200, What a Tanker and Battletech on the table) so I decided that we could easily fit a short night raid into the day of gaming.

However, my

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SITREP: A Sequel Sitrep | ChargeBlog

After Sunday’s post, I managed to talk to the team at Echelon and reported my findings, including firing over some photos. After that evening, I posted my Sitrep, went to bed and then went up north for a day of wargaming (post on that fun coming soon).

When I got back, I had some news from Echelon – after checking with other people who have received their Phaseline boxes, it seems I had received a bad batch. To fix it, they are sending out replacement models for the set – the Aayari side will be back in spun resin, while the Cold Harbor guys are a confirmed good set of the Siocast batch. Having been checked by the team before being sent out, they should all be in good condition and ready for me to work on once they arrive. This turnaround is insanely fast if you think about it,

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The Nations of the ChargeReal: Bazistan Region Pt. 1

As I’ve mentioned in the past, my ultramodern warfare projects are set in ChargeReal, an alternative universe set in approximately the modern day but with a few modifications and tweaks to allow the setup of whatever situation or series of events I want to play, without causing any potential problems with players or commentators. Building a whole world up is a monumental task but it is definitely something I’m enjoying.

As I am an incredibly practical/lazy man, my world-building is not particularly visual. I know many people sit down with a piece of paper, draw a map and then start filling it in. In contrast, I start by thinking about which interesting geopolitical situation I want to make, work out what nations it needs to border and then create a spider map to show the connections and work out a rough location. For example, this is what the current region

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28mm Ultramodern Wargaming in 2022

Look, I know I’m in the middle of packing up to move but it’s close to the end of the year, I just had the new BPRE box arrive in my hands (more on that this week) and Spectre earlier this week sent me an email talking about how they are no longer selling their ruleset. It’s a lot all at once and it’s got me thinking a fair amount about the main wargaming genre I spend my time in (even if fantasy is chasing up behind it at a concerning speed). So I’m going to throw words into this blog post and see what comes out of it.

Also, I just need to stress – the thoughts in this post (like everything on the blog) are my opinion. If you disagree, I’m interested to see what other people in the community are thinking.

First up, the big news from

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Magewinds | ChargeBlog

Long ago, there was the source.

From it flowed all magic.

Its mages were called sorcerers, and they guarded their power jealously.

For with it, they dominated all things.

The empire of sorcery ruled over the entire continent.

Yet in time all empires fall.

The source was shattered,

From it came the Tempest,

and from the Tempest came the Winds.

Now the Winds have made mages of us all.

So begins the website for Magewinds, a miniatures agnostic fantasy warband game made by my friend Rachel where everyone is a mage. Designed to be easy to pick up, quick to play and packed with tactical gameplay, I can attest to all three being true. The rules are more importantly really fun to play – thanks to the card-based magic system, every activation with every character is packed full of possibilities, while the combat system keeps both players involved

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General d’Armee in 28mm (Or Charge Plays Napoleonics and Likes It)

I’ve never really been excited about playing big-battle Napoleonics.

To be clear, I have no problem with the period. I enjoy Sharpe as much as any full-blooded Yorkshireman is required to, and I can be suitably wowed by a large-scale display of massed ranks on the field of battle (I’m not an unfeeling monster after all). The problem I have is three-fold. One, I don’t want to paint that many troops. Two, my knowledge of the period tactics and strategies isn’t anywhere close to things post the invention of bolt action rifles leaving me with the instinctive knowledge of what I should be doing at any one time. Finally, and most controversially, most of the black powder era games I’ve played have been boring as sin – all those pretty units sitting and doing not much aside from rolling dice to remove a figure or two, moving blocks of troops

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SITREP: Painting 3D Printed Scenery

One positive of tidying up in preparation to move house is going through my workshop/printing room and finding things I’ve 3D printed but haven’t yet had a chance to actually paint and get on the tabletop. Having owned a 3D printer for almost two years (that’s also concerning), I have had one or two things fall into this category. Looking for some easy wins, I dived in on these two projects I had discovered and quickly hammered them out.

First up, we had these three Wood Elf monoliths from Last Sword Miniatures. These pieces were one of the things that really grabbed me about the Kickstarter they ran (alongside the lovely models that Last Sword are experts at hammering out). These pieces are something that would be really handy for any fantasy game either as background dressing for encounters or maybe even objectives by themselves (perhaps protecting their magical energy

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