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The Nations of the ChargeReal: Bazistan Region Pt. 1

As I’ve mentioned in the past, my ultramodern warfare projects are set in ChargeReal, an alternative universe set in approximately the modern day but with a few modifications and tweaks to allow the setup of whatever situation or series of events I want to play, without causing any potential problems with players or commentators. Building a whole world up is a monumental task but it is definitely something I’m enjoying.

As I am an incredibly practical/lazy man, my world-building is not particularly visual. I know many people sit down with a piece of paper, draw a map and then start filling it in. In contrast, I start by thinking about which interesting geopolitical situation I want to make, work out what nations it needs to border and then create a spider map to show the connections and work out a rough location. For example, this is what the current region

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Games For KidsChildren like to play open air and we love to see them have fun, proper? Squeezing, kneading and pulling theraputty or modeling clay helps strengthen children’s fingers. To make it more fascinating, hiding beads or small cash in putty or clay provides youngsters the chance to make use of hand and finger muscle tissues to seek out the hidden objects and to put them again. Use extra-resistive putty as the kid’s palms get stronger.

It labored. City officers noticed water consumption plummet. The shameful revelation that half of Capetonians have been outright ignoring the disaster prompted particular hand-wringing on the Fb web page, as well as determined vows to do better. But Greyling instructed me he knew the government’s most dystopian claims were not exactly true.” The majority of people in Cape City had reduced their water utilization, though some hadn’t managed to get under the restriction. The implication that …

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28mm Ultramodern Wargaming in 2022

Look, I know I’m in the middle of packing up to move but it’s close to the end of the year, I just had the new BPRE box arrive in my hands (more on that this week) and Spectre earlier this week sent me an email talking about how they are no longer selling their ruleset. It’s a lot all at once and it’s got me thinking a fair amount about the main wargaming genre I spend my time in (even if fantasy is chasing up behind it at a concerning speed). So I’m going to throw words into this blog post and see what comes out of it.

Also, I just need to stress – the thoughts in this post (like everything on the blog) are my opinion. If you disagree, I’m interested to see what other people in the community are thinking.

First up, the big news from

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Magewinds | ChargeBlog

Long ago, there was the source.

From it flowed all magic.

Its mages were called sorcerers, and they guarded their power jealously.

For with it, they dominated all things.

The empire of sorcery ruled over the entire continent.

Yet in time all empires fall.

The source was shattered,

From it came the Tempest,

and from the Tempest came the Winds.

Now the Winds have made mages of us all.

So begins the website for Magewinds, a miniatures agnostic fantasy warband game made by my friend Rachel where everyone is a mage. Designed to be easy to pick up, quick to play and packed with tactical gameplay, I can attest to all three being true. The rules are more importantly really fun to play – thanks to the card-based magic system, every activation with every character is packed full of possibilities, while the combat system keeps both players involved

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10 Games Zombie Terbaik ~ Something To Shar3

Zombie GamesNEW YORK (Reuters) – PopCap Games Inc, the maker of popular smartphone and Facebook games Bejeweled” and Plants vs Zombies,” is gearing up to file for an preliminary public providing by the top of the summer season, its high executive informed Reuters on Monday.

With a storyline that’s equal parts Twin Peaks and Night of the Living Dead, Deadly Premonition incorporates a quirky FBI agent monitoring down a killer in a small forest town. In between visiting locals and gathering clues, you may be pressured to cope with the supernatural element that has taken root within the small village. Anyone looking for a zombie recreation that takes its players off the crushed path ought to attempt Deadly Premonition immediately. There are additionally new autos you can drive, a brand new mission kind the place it’s important to safe supply crates from harmful hoards of zombies, and 30 minutes of new …