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A sports game brings fiction to life in Queensbury

QUEENSBURY — Jenkinsville Park in Queensbury was home to an unusual athletic contest on Sunday.

The inaugural Wizard Fest featured games of real-life Quidditch from “Harry Potter,” known as Quadball.

There were also vendors selling “Harry Potter” themed products such as non-alcoholic Butterbeer.

The event was organized by the Lake George Regional Chamber of Commerce and CVB.

Gina Mintzer, executive director of the chamber, said officials wanted to create a new event that occurs between the car show in Lake George and this week’s Adirondack Balloon Festival, to help maintain momentum that drives tourism during this time of year.

Four out-of-town college teams competed against each other in the games.

“It’s the Muggle version of Quidditch,” the captain of the Cornell University team, Margo Treadwell explained.

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“Obviously, we can’t fly, but we adapt the best we can.”

The game was created at Middlebury College in Vermont

Sports Games

One of the best sports games ever

NBA 2K23 has been released and is one of the most visually stunning sports games we have ever seen.

The game has one of the most authentic presentation styles ever seen in a sports game, as it strives to replicate the glitz and glamor of the NBA on next-generation consoles.

The game we reviewed was played on PlayStation 5 and is one of the very best looking sports games on the market.

There remains a high bar for newbies to clear, however, if they want to dive into the world of NBA 2K22.

We’ve put together an in-depth review of the game and there are a number of facets to the game.

Let’s dive right in below.

NBA 2K23 Review

Michael Jordan


These are absolutely stunning.

On PS5, 2K have managed to harness the power of the console to show just how beautiful basketball can be.

You’ll get sweat beads on

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Reddit is an excellent place to look for Glassdoor reviews.

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Games For KidsRacing games have always attracted folks of all ages but for teenagers they’ve held charms unlimited. The dialog has now shifted from whether youngsters should use an electric toothbrush to picking one of the best electric toothbrush for youths. Small constructing toys, equivalent to pop beads or Duplo blocks, that require the motion of pulling apart and pushing items together, enable youngsters to work on grip energy and pinch energy. A enjoyable sport could also be to set a timer for the kid to finish a diagram as fast as he can then attempt to be his time throughout subsequent trials.

The group that finishes first will get 5 points, however the workforce that has the most water within the bucket will get 10. You could differ the relay race by making it into an impediment course or adding different parts, but what makes this one enjoyable is the truth …

Sports Games

Five years ago, this offbeat Nintendo RPG redefined sports games

We love labels. The world is complex, so our tidy monkey brains have to find ways to help us make decisions. Labels are how we turn assumptions into action, but they don’t always work. This is good because, paradoxically, we also love a surprise. And for Switch fans, there was perhaps no bigger surprise than this lowkey indie release that subverted two of the most popular genres.

Five years ago, Golf Story from Sidebar Games broke onto the scene and showed us that sports games are just RPGs — and vice-versa. With retro-style visuals reminiscent of the SNES era, Golf Story mixes a charming Earthbound style narrative with pitch-perfect golfing mechanics. It never feels gimmicky though; it’s always greater than the sum of its parts and remains one of the standout titles on Switch.

Your journey in Golf Story is a familiar one. You’re a scrappy young lad with something