Covid-19 Plague, The Number of Steam Players Increases to 20 Million

Corona virus began to spread its wings throughout the world. Although there is a lot of speculation as to its origin, it cannot be denied that the presence of this new type of virus has become polemic throughout the world. This makes many local state governments to lockdown and close all human activities outside the home.

Countries like China, which was the first country to spread the virus, have been doing this for a long time. Just like the bamboo curtain country, some countries that have a high percentage rate like Italy also do it. Making its citizens have to make exciting activities that are not boring. One of them is playing video games.

This is agreed by SteamDB data which reports that there are around 20 million Steam users who play video games. The data is the highest highest player data that is logged into Steam.

Unfortunately, not all players play the game. Most of them only log in and browse the steam store.

Until now, Counter Strike Global Offensive has become the highest player game being played. At the time of writing, there are about 400 thousand CS: GO players online. The second highest number is DotA2 with around 280 thousand players, followed by Rainbow Six Siege with 99 thousand players, and Destiny 2 with 80 thousand players.

Even though this number is not the highest number in history, the number which is higher than normal days indirectly indicates that more people are doing activities at home. Are you one of them?