The Most Iconic Game Characters

You should know that one of our current technological developments is driven by the world of video games. Improved graphics and gameplay require everyone in the world to move forward and continue to innovate.

However, behind the presence of these new innovations, there are iconic characters who have always been a symbol of life in the modern world. These characters become pop culture icons that explain how culture develops from time to time. These are some of the characters who witnessed the changes in the game world.


There are many rumors circulating about the history of Pac-Man. Some say the character was inspired by a slice of pizza, some say Pac-Man is actually a modification of the mouth character.

Either way, the character who started his career on the 80s Arcade machine has changed the world of video games. Pac-Man also provides inspiration if a simple character design can still become iconic, depending on how it is packaged.


The cutest electric mouse monster ever. Pikachu has been around for more than 20 years since the debut Pokemon game appeared in the community in 1996. Since then, Pikachu has never been separated from the game series and the movies.

This has made him one of the most recognizable icons in pop culture. Considering that after this it is also present in the Detective Pikachu film, the fame of the yellow Nintendo icon seems to be going on for a long time.


Many think this character’s name is Zelda, but Zelda’s own name, which is always the title of the game, is the name of the princess she saved. Link is a symbol of a character who as he develops through the adventures he goes through. Not only that, Link has also become an icon for daring to take on dangerous missions to save someone important.


Sonic is the result of a form of console warfare in the past. To fight Nintendo’s iconic Mario character, SEGA also created this super-fast blue hedgehog. Unlike his rivals, Sonic is described as a rebellious child who is outspoken in his words.

His passionate and edgy nature illustrates how the condition of the youth at that time. Although until now there has been no game series that is good enough to remember the players, Sonic remains one of the favorite characters of gamers.


This character from the Mario series was controversial because he was always the object of Bowser’s kidnapping, the antagonist character of the world of Super Mario. People think that Peach is an illustration of how a woman always needs to be saved by men.

However, Nintendo tried to change it. Through the games Super Smash Bros. to Mario Kart Racing, the princess who can’t be separated from her pink dress can now compete with other characters, forming a strong and independent female character.

Lara Croft

Only a few of the game’s iconic characters have undergone drastic changes in their depiction. One of them is Lara Croft. When introduced in 1996 through the Tomb Raider series on the PlayStation 1 console, Lara was still a depiction of a woman with a sexy body and often wearing revealing clothes. However, with the 2013 reboot, that was changed with his realistic body proportions and complex backstory.


Do you have a game full of blood and gore? Try thanking Mortal Kombat. They were the ones who started the sadistic and gore style games, so the government had to create an age system to limit children.

Of all the characters that appear, Scorpion is the most striking. The ninja in the yellow uniform is always synonymous with the phrase “Get over here!” uttered when he threw his chain-spear blade at his opponent.